As CVS Health continues its digital transformation journey, Colleague Zone portal has emerged as the go-to HR platform for active colleagues. Amidst the rapid digitization of corporate ecosystems, offering easy and secure access to HR functionalities is paramount. The Colleague Zone embodies this vision, presenting a comprehensive, intuitive interface for all users.

Log in Colleague Zone Online

When you set out to connect with, your role within CVS Health and MinuteClinic determines the login credentials:

  • Retail Store & Minute Clinic Affiliates: Input your 7-digit Employee/Contractor ID complemented by your chosen password.
  • Personnel from Corporate Retail & PBM: Utilize your specific computer ID (C-ID) and your password for access.
  • Health Care Business (HCB) Associates: Connect using your dedicated computer ID, be it A-ID or N-ID, accompanied by your password.
Colleague Zone CVS Login

The portal is also accessible directly via:

  • The 'Apps and Tools' section on Heartbeat.
  • Icons on in-store devices or tablets.
  • The 'myReports' link.
  • The universal HR Link located on the kiosk HR Portal page.

Reset Password for Employee

Misplacing passwords is a universal experience, and CVS Health ensures there's an uncomplicated process to assist:

  • Retail Store & Minute Clinic Affiliates: Find and select the 'Reset Password' prompt on the main login screen.
  • Personnel from Corporate Retail & PBM: Click the distinct 'Reset Password' connection to re-establish access.
  • Health Care Business (HCB) Associates: Resort to the 'Reset Password' mechanism to readjust your login credentials.

Safety first:

Colleagues enrolled in Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) are advised to frequent the Self-Service Portal for MFA to refresh contact specifics.

For any hurdles or tech-related inquiries, the CVS IT Service Center can be reached at 855-280-4872, or for Aetna-specific concerns, dial the Aetna IT Service Center at 888-905-9500. It's paramount to ensure the confidentiality of your Account ID and personal details at every digital touchpoint.