There are special labs at CVS for Vaccination and Testing. The possibility to make test is available to all (including children from 3 years old). You can also do rapid tests or do it at home by yourself.

How Covid Testing Works

You can sign up for testing at the official website

  1. Enter your Zip Code, city or state in the «Get Tested» form, in the «Where do you live» field. Click Schedule
  2. Note! If you have a voucher for free testing, then you must continue to register at at

  3. On the questionnaire, you need to answer the 7 «Yes» or «No» questions. Most of the questions focus on your current health status. This is to protect other visitors. Check the box to confirm that your answers are correct and press «Submit».
  4. Then select one of the 3 options available:
    • At-home tests. The effectiveness of this test is about 60%, it is definitely a minus. The cost of the test is minimal and costs $ 10 - a plus.
    • Out-of-pocket tests. The standard test can be done in the lab. Its price is $129. The test is not emergency, so you have to wait a few days for the results, depending on the load.
    • Rapid PCR test + pre-travel consultation. If you have bought your plane tickets and want quick results, you can go to MinuteClinic. The price will be over $200 (doctor's consultation included), but the results will be available in a few hours.

How To Make Out-of-Pocket Test

To make an appointment, fill out the forms on the right side of the screen:

  1. Complete the matching requirements
    • Select the reason you want to be tested.
    • Fill in the «Where are you currently located?» (specify ZIP code, or city and state)
    • Enter the month, day and year of birth in the «Patient date of birth» box.
    • Press «Get started»
  2. Note: You can get tested for free if you have insurance and your employer or university sponsors the test.

  3. Plan your visit:
    • In the window that opens, select the box with the date that is convenient for you.
    • Scroll the page and select the location of the test. Click «check for available times»
    • select an appointment time
  4. Prepare for the appointment. Fill out your information:

    Important: Reservations expire 25 minutes after you start filling out the application.

    • Fill in personal information (age, gender, ethnicity, race, relationship to patient
    • Write the place of registration.
    • Write your contact information.
    • Tick the boxes for the symptoms.
    • Answer some questions (optional).
    • Give your choice of vaccination history.
    • Fill in your billing information and add your card details.
    • Click «yes» or «no» on the questions about the test result.
    • Read carefully and check the boxes.
    • Press «submit» or «submit visit» if you change your mind.
  5. Note! If a free test is available to you, answer some of the questions on

    1. After answering all the questions, check the box that the questions have been answered correctly. Click «submit»
    2. In the window that will open, select a date convenient for you (click on the square with the specified date) and the place of the test.
    3. Click «Check for available times and select your desired appointment time.
    4. Then, fill in some information about yourself:
      • Personal information (patient information)
      • Health insurance information
      • Health information about the effects of Covid-19
      • provide some authorizations
      • click «sign up»
  6. Take the test on the due date.
  7. Get your results.

How to Make Rapid PCR Test CVS

  1. Click on «Schedule ...», then you need to find «near me» (enter data in the field) and click on «Find a clinic»
  2. select the clinic by address from the list and click «Schedule a visit».
  3. Answer 3 questions and press «Submit»:
    • Have you been tested for COVID-19 in the past 10 days?
    • Have you been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19?
    • Do you currently or have you in the past 14 days had any new COVID-19 symptoms?
  4. Write the day, month, and year of your birth.
  5. Choose dates from the nearest numbers.
  6. Important! If the message «No appointments. There are no appointments available at this time of day.», then Try changing your selections or try another clinic from the list.

  7. Press «Check times at this clinic».
  8. First choose a convenient time of day: morning, afternoon, evening. Then choose the exact time and press «Next».
  9. Fill in «Patient Details»
    • NAME
    • Address
    • Gender
    • Contact Details
  10. Add the checkboxes to agree to the terms and click «Next».
  11. At the last step you must check all the information and press «Confirm».

You will also get a message «Your visit has been scheduled» You will also get a confirmation code, which you must use in the kiosk before your visit.